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Winter 2010
(PDF - 656k)

Reunion Wrap-up; A Visit Home; President's Message; 2009 Election Results; Past Editor's Note; Going Green with BratNews; Hard Copy Opt-In Form; Honored Donor List; Treasurer's Report; AdBak Form; Address Update Form; It's Big!  It's Bold! It's Dallas!

Spring 2009
(PDF - 493k)

Heating Up Los Angeles; ABI Elections; ABI Database News; President's Message; Photos Still Needed; Brat Stories Are Our Stories; Editor's Note; Treasurer's Report; Honored Donor List; Candidate Bios; Election Voting Instructions & Ballot; Reunion Registration Form; AdBak Form; Address Update Form;

Fall 2008
(PDF - 493k)

Reunion Temptations; Lights! Camera! Action!; You Could Be The Future; Why Does the ABI and The Reunion Committee Keep Asking Me To Make My Hotel Reservations Now?; Hooray for Aramco Brats!; Clean Out Your Tent Now; Editor's Note; Treasurer's Report (w/ condensed financial data); Saudi Aramco's 75th Anniversary Celebration; President's Message; Photos Needed - Give Us Your Best Shots; Class of 70 & 74 Class Attendance Ads; AdBak Form; Address Update Form; Honored Donor List;

Spring 2008
(PDF - 501k)

Streets of Los Angeles - 2009 Brat Reunion; Reunion Memories; President's Message; ABI Board Eletion Results; The Making of "The Aramco Brats Journey HOME"; Las Vegas Mini-Reunion; Editor's Note; Treasurer's Report; Financial Data; Honored Donor List; 2009 ArmacoBrat Reunion Committee; AdBak Form; Keep in Contact;

Spring 2007
(PDF - 344k)

ABI Asheville Reunion - peek behind the tent flap; ABI Elections - Candidate Statements and Ballots; President's Message; Database Update; Class Parties; Treasurer's Report; Financial Data; Honored Donor List; BratBoard is Alive!; Election Ballot; Reunion Hotel Transportion Shuttle Form; AdBak Form; Keep in Contact;

Summer 2006
(PDF - 1590k)

AramcoBrat Bands: The Early Years; 2005 Houston Reunion Memories; President's Message; Editor's Note; In My Mind I'm Going to Carolina...; Webmaster's Corner; Treasurer's Report; Meet the Board; Financial Data; Honored Donor List; Unlce Isam Needs You!; Candidates Needs; Donations Needed - Bring Out Your Old!; AdBak Form; Keep in Contact; 2005 Reunion Photos

Spring 2005
(PDF - 882k)

Reunion 101: Our Own Majlis; 2005 ABI Board Elections; President's Message; Class Parties; Brat Communication; Treasurer's Report; Reunion Basics; Donor Recognition; Reunion Registration Form

Fall 2004
(PDF - 438k)

Get Your Riyals Ready; Class Representatives Wanted; Nominations; President's Message; Class Parties; What Kinds of Things Can We Do in Houston?; Treasurer's Report; ABI Finance and AdBak FAQ; Donor Recognition

Annuitant Reunion Flyer
(PDF - 795k)

One-page flyer about the ABI created for the 2004 Aramco Annuitants Reunion

Spring 2004
(PDF - 476k)

Heading to Houston; BratBoard Up and Running; Class Representatives; President's Message; BratStore; Call for Recipes; Treasurer's Report; What Is the Administrative Baksheesh and What Is It Used For?

Fall 2003
(PDF - 2.5MB)

Tucson III Report; President's Message; Reunion 2005: Houston!; Treasurer's Report; Tucson Reunion Photos; Teachers: They're Still Watching; Raffle and Auction Donors; Donor Recognition; Brats Honored for Literary Work; 2003-2005 Election Results

Spring 2003
(PDF - 88k)

Tucson 2003; Reunion Reflections; ABI Elections and Bylaw Proposal; President's Letter; Reunion Information; Donor Recognition; Treasurer's Report; Class Representative Notes; Email Addresses Now Available; Class Party Night; Best Poem/Best Story

Fall 2002
(PDF - 960k)

Tucson II On the Horizon; Nominations; President's Message; Bylaws Update; Donor Recognition; Treasurer's Report; Online Auction; Class Competition; Reunion Registration Forms; Website Update

Spring 2002
(PDF - 727k)

ABI Website Redesigned; President's Message; Online Poll Results; ABI Archives; Donor Recognition; Treasurer's Report; ABI Bylaws Review; Reunion Pre-Registration Forms; Class Representatives

Fall 2001
(PDF - 645k)

It's Tucson Again; President's Message; Treasurer's Report; The Reunion That Was; Reunion Pre-Registration Forms; Reunion Photos; Donor Recognition; Reunion Recognition; Class Representatives

Spring 2001
(PDF - 788k)

Crocker Bids ABI Farewell; President's Message; A Chat with the Vice President; Donor Recognition; Treasurer's Report; Reunion Information

April 2000
(PDF - 786k)

President's Message; Bratlanta!; President's Message; Reunion 2001; Reunion Survey; Reunion Photos; Did You Know...; Donor Recognition; Reunion Recognition; Treasurer's Report; San Antonio 2000 Reunion; Volunteers Needed

April 1999
(PDF - 470k)

President's Message; Reunion '99 Update; Treasurer's Report; Class Reps Needed; Donor Recognition; Travel Tips; BratChat Gathering; ABI Board Elections; Election Ballot; Reunion: Last Minute Instructions

November 1998
(PDF - 581k)

President's Message; Reunion '99: Get Ready!; So What's Baksheesh, Anyway?; Treasurer's Report; ABI Board Nominations; Reunion Raffle & Auction; BratChat Gathering; Reunion 2001?; Reunion Survey; Class Representatives

Winter 1998
(PDF - 260k)

President's Message; Reunion '97: One Brat's Experience; Reunion '97 Report; Treasurer's Report; Your Support Is Needed; Brats on the Internet; 1997 General Meeting Results; Want To Be a Class Rep?

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