Born-Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 1956
Died-Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 1977


Goodbye My Arabia, My Arabia


As the sun sets across the bay, I feel deep sorrow inside for I know it is the last time I will sit on this dune with these thoughts of all my years in this fine country, my home, Saudi Arabia. My mind wanders even further as I think of all the people of Arabia I have grown to love. The tears are forming in my eyes as I know this is the last time I will ever be in my Arabia with these people of the land.

The sun has set, and darkness is starting to close in on my thoughts. It is so peaceful under the stars of Arabia. The breeze is coming up the dune face, singing away my sad thoughts and to bring me back from my trips of emotions of my beautiful Arabia and its people. I know that it is true that I will never be here again and the roar of the sea against the desert is the sound of jet engines whisking me away from my homeland and the people I have grown to love.

KC Crocker

May Allah whisper in your ear, dear brother, and may He always have you at his side. I know that you were loved by all, and still are loved as if you never left us. In'Sh'Allah we shall meet again.

Your older brother,