In Memory: James R. "Skip" Johnson DH'55

For every brat that has died in vain
I will remember every name
For those of you that took you r life
You must have been in endless strife

Had we known and taken the time
I would not be writing this awful rhyme
Whether it was drugs or alcohol I do not care
The problem is you are not there

That you are gone we have to live with I fear
But to have you back again and hold you near
To try again to help you find your way
Would make sunshine from a cloudy day

I know you'd want to say - I'm fine and do not worry
Quit rushing around -there is no hurry
We are all here on a higher plane
Out of danger and out of pain

But we loved you all and miss you so
And sometimes when the cold winds blow
It is hard to remember as we play our role
That you took along a bit of our soul

I am sure I am not the only one
Caring that your lives are done
To say a "tragic loss" would be trite
But I am at a loss as to what to write

I know a bit of a tortured mind
I've been there and I find
I'd bring you back if I had the power
If only to see you for just and hour

So we continue our little dance
Wishing we had another chance
A chance to say we loved you so
Why on earth did you have to go?

joni johnson

Off to boarding school in Wisconsin - 1955
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Dear Jim,
I may not have always told you,
because I always thought you knew-
how special you are to me,
and how many times I talk
about you. And feel proud
to have you for my brother.

I hope wherever you are, you will see this and smile
Your little sister, Joni
Born: May 14, 1939
Died: November 28, 1979

Jim married and had a son.
He owned an art gallery in the MGM Grand Hotel and promoted rock concerts
In Las Vegas.
He always said he wanted to
Die at forty like his dad.
They say that’s what he did.

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