In Memory: Bill Owen

This was posted to BratChat on May 26, 2002.

***MEMORIAL DAY - 2002 ***

Dear Bill,

I haven't written in quite a while; we haven't spoken in over 43 years (Aug-1959); I left then to return to the USA. We were good friends - used to laugh a lot together - used to get in "trouble" together before, during & after school plus the weekends. Nothing too serious, just enough to give our rapidly aging parents a few more grey hairs and a few new wrinkles.

A few years ago, the "Vietnam Wall" (portable version) came to my area. My wife and I paid a short visit and looked you up. I'd heard about your death in 'Nam, but it seemed somewhat abstract at the time. Seeing and feeling your name etched in the cold, black, stone Wall brought home the finality of it all. I choked up momentarily as I thought about what I was seeing and what it really meant.

WILLIAM L OWEN JR (Panel 27W Line #58)

Your short life ended so tragically over 33 years ago. I've married, 2 children 3 grandchildren, semi-retired, still taking life pretty easy a day and a laugh at at time...

Life is so precious, so short, so oft taken-for-granted
...until it's gone.

Bill Owen, my friend
Dhahran - 1959 (Class 9A)
Born : Nov-17-1944 - Chicago, Illinois
Died: April 11, 1969 - Binh Duong province, Viet Nam, hostile, small arms fire

I miss you...

Bob Brown DH-1959
San Francisco Bay Area