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Zach Nims - New Novel Announcement

09 Nov 2015 1:17 AM | Dawn Kolb (Administrator)

Marhaba fellow Aramcons!

My name is Zach Nims, brother of Todd Nims, and producer of Home the Aramco Brat Story.  I grew up a wild animal, roaming the dunes of Dhahran and hope that everyone loved it as much as I did.  I’m reaching out to the Aramco family to help me publish my first science fiction novel to print!  Please share with friends and family.  If you are a fan of Enders Game or Ready Player One you will find my novel VEG a welcome companion, being predicated upon the idea of a fascinating and attainable future.

When Charles Sanders, the inventor of the revolutionary game VEG, dies of unknown circumstances, a catalyst occurs, awakening heroes and revealing villains. Follow four characters on their journey to save or destroy humanity as they ride the waves of code that engulf our planet. VEG (Virtual Earth Grid) an augmented reality game brings all of their separate worlds crashing together to reveal the terrible truth. Will their haunting pasts lay waste to their future or will the idea of hope prevail and save our world?  This book is written from the future documented by different media sources and personal journals to unfold the events of the past. 

Although not many people know about augmented reality today it will become a part of our everyday lives in the near future. This novel gives an insight into how this technology could be used to improve our world; an unconventional stance that opposes the usual view that future technology is adversarial to humanity.

I’ve put the novel up on Kickstarter which is a crowd sourcing website.  I’m raising money to fund the novel to print as well as help animate the cover artwork.  The novel will come with a smartphone app allowing you to see an example of the Virtual Earth Grid as written about in the book.  Follow the link below or go to Kickstarter and type in the word VEG to find the page.

Here is my author bio:

 My intentions were to dazzle, to amaze, and even to entice the reader with tales of grandeur in my bio.  But it's a cup of coffee past sunrise and I need sleep.  The idea of defining myself on a page sickens me, it curdles in my creative cortex.  I'm not a writer, I'm a story teller.  I get off on losing myself in that place where you're walking with the story.  It's leading, an infinite wonder lies just beyond.  You can't see it yet but you trust that it's there.  Maybe it's the illusive ADD that I was diagnosed with as a child that allowed for me to lose myself in stories.  I just thought it was called being creative in the good old days.  Sometime between being born and raised in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by ex-patriot parents and teaching English in Korea I learned to harness my gift.  Whether it came from unique experiences shared on top of shifting dunes under familiar foreign stars or learning to stand and walk on my own with boarding school brothers, risking barriers to find the true marrow of friendship.  One constant is clear to me, I want to read my story as much as you do.  Somewhere hidden in the pages you will find me.  Read on, I know I will.

That is who I am, a man attempting to enjoy the endless exploration of his mind.  Facebook or Google searches will answer any other questions you have about me.  Maybe even an old profile on, but don't tell my wife if you discover it.  Or, we could leave a little mystery.  A little whisper of magic to entice fantasy and make believe into filling that ancient void.  We are all curious children somewhere and my stories are attempts at awakening yours.

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