Farewell, Farewell Eugene
August 27, 1964, presented by The Ras Tanura Players

'Farewell, Farewell Eugene' was a true Nicholson family project. While Mom and Linda were on stage, Dad & I worked behind the scenes. Dad spent hours putting together a large reel-to-reel tape of music to use for intermission and before the show started. By the time he was done we were so sick of Mantovani - it was a very long time before anyone in the family would play any of his music again! Dad also did the special effects sounds.

We needed a baby crying, so one of our friends brought their infant over. Unfortunately, he was in a good mood and didn't want to cry! So finally his mother had to pinch him a little bit before he would do his part. Ah, the price of fame! The on-stage role of the baby was played by one of my dolls.

I also worked with Mom and Mrs. Tampier (who was also my piano teacher) to help them learn their lines. I actually got paid for doing that, but it didn't help me out any in my piano lessons when I hadn't practiced! There are lines from that play which became an inside family joke, which continues even today." (Cyndy) Click the program for a full pdf version