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Last updated: 1/26/2019

Most Frequently Asked Reunion Questions

Q: What does the registration cover?  Why should I pay if I only plan on coming for one day?

A: Registration fees cover all costs associated with the reunion: Friday night reception, Sunday dinner, entertainment expenses (garage band equipment, dance band or DJ, pool or ping-pong tables...), registration staff, equipment and materials, goodie bags and other reunion memorabilia and giveaways. Why should you pay registration fees? About 75% of reunion registration fees cover food and beverage.  In order to book a hotel with discounted room rates and sufficient, complimentary function space for these reunions, we must guarantee a minimum food and beverage spend.  If we do not cover these guarantees, ABI (that's you, Brats!) will incur financial penalties, and we will not be able to continue throwing the best Brat party on Earth ever 2 years.  And, honestly, the committee puts a lot of blood and sweat into packing as much value as possible into a pretty small fee for 4+ days of awesome fun!

Q: What is the difference between the membership fee and registration fee, and do I have to pay both to attend the reunion?

A: Membership fees (aka AdBak) helps offset ABI's non-reunion costs. 

The reunion registration fees pay for just the reunion itself.  Reunion costs include goodie bags and contents, Friday night reception, Sunday dinner, entertainment expenses and equipment, registration personnel, etc.  The committee works VERY hard to squeeze as much value as possible into that fee.  It's quite a bargain for 4+ days of fun!

You must pay both to attend the reunion. While most people tend to pay the two together, they are two separate costs and may be paid separately.  You are able to pay your your "supporting" membership fee at any time, and it will be good until January 1, two years from date of payment.

Q: I can't register because I get an error saying I am restricted because of the event settings.  What does this mean?

A: In order to register for the reunion, you must be either a supporting or sustaining member.  Chances are, your account is set to the Free member level.  Before you can register, you must upgrade your membership, by logging in to your account, and going to your profile page.  There you will need to click "Change Membership Level" and select the appropriate level.  Once you start that process, you may continue and register, then pay for both items together.

Q: Do I have to register my guests and children?

A: All Guests must register and pay the reunion fees.  Children who will not be attending the Sunday banquet or Friday Welcome Reception, participating in any sporting event, and not wanting a t-shirt/goodie bag do not need to pay. They will be welcome to all other activities.

Q: Are there babysitting services available?

A: If you would like to bring your children to the reunion but not register them, you might consider hiring a babysitter. The reunion committee cannot arrange for sitters, but the hotel concierge might be able to help you with this. You might also be able to find a teenage brat offspring attending the reunion hoping to make a few riyals babysitting during the reunion weekend. Check out the Forum if you would like to hire or are willing to offer services.

Q: What's the easiest way to get to the hotel?

A: Check out the Getting There page for driving directions, or instructions on transportation from the airport.

Q: It's past the APRIL 16th deadline. Can I still register for the reunion? Can I wait and register at the reunion?

A: You are welcome to register any time between now and the time you arrive at the reunion. One potential problem with later registrations is that we will have already ordered the t-shirts and other registration goodies, and even though we do order extras, there is a possibility that we could run out.

The other concern is that we would run out of room at the Sunday night banquet. Those that register after we run out of space for the banquet will not be charged for it.

So, the earlier the better, both for you and the committee, but we'll be happy to have you whenever you are able to register.

Q: What is the attire for the reunion activities?

A: The weekend- just like our childhood- is very casual. Anything from shorts and t-shirts to thobes to slacks is appropriate. The key is for you to make yourself comfortable.

Most folks bump it up a little for the Sunday banquet, but that still means a wide range of possibilities from slacks to suits. I would avoid bringing the tux as it would definitely stand out. Kilts are ok. Again, be comfortable in what you wear.

Above all, don't sweat what to bring. We want to see you, not your clothes. But do wear something. The hotel gets upset if you don't.

Q: What are the parking fees at the hotel?

A: There is no charge for parking.  Valet parking does have additional fees.

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