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Why should I become a member?

Basic membership is free and grants you access to some of the secure content on this site.  Not only is our database secure, but you can control your own privacy settings and tailor how much of your personal contact information is visible to other members.  You can also control your subscriptions settings (e.g. electronic announcements).  Also, becoming a member places you in our database so that other Brats may locate and potentially reconnect with you.

Who may become members?

Any person who was raised, educated, or lived in Saudi Arabia as a child and/or minor dependent of an employee of the Arabian American Oil Company (a.k.a. ARAMCO, Saudi Aramco and the Saudi Arabian Oil Company) or any ARAMCO affiliated company is considered an Aramco brat and may become a member.

Although we identify Brats by the year they graduated (or would have graduated) from 9th grade, you're a Brat if you attended an Aramco school (or were simply a minor dependent who lived in one of the camps) for any length of time.  *If you already have a userid/password, you do NOT need to re-register.

Why are there different membership levels?

Historically, ABI has asked our membership to contribute AdBak (administrative baksheesh) each 2-year term to help cover the organization's overhead costs.  "Supporting Membership" fee is just that - AdBak.  Since some Brats like to donate more than AdBak, we have added another level, "Sustaining Membership." It is only 1-click to pay AdBak and donate a little extra.


What does the membership fee pay for?

  • Website costs, such as webhosting, domain name, electronic announcement lists, membership and event management and online ABI directory.
  • Printing and mailing of ABI newsletters.  While we have moved to mainly electronic newsletters, periodically publications will be printed and distributed to all Brats for whom we have a mailing address if they have requested a print copy.
  • Administrative costs, such as corporate registration and legal fees, mailings between Board members, bank charges, and other costs of running an organization.


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