Why didn’t we get a hotel right on the beach?

  • 19 Jun 2016 12:53 PM
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    Why didn’t we get a hotel right on the beach?

  • 19 Jun 2016 1:56 PM
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    That would have been ideal.  Unfortunately, we only received one proposal from a beachfront hotel, and we could only get them down to about $200/night for the cheapest rooms.  As fun and awesome as we are, a beachfront property does not really need our business Memorial Day weekend.

    While some Brats would have been fine paying an additional $300 for a 4-night stay, that is a significant strain for many others.  We have to remember that the purpose of these reunions is to bring as many Brats together as possible, so we strive to make the cost as inclusive as we can for all budgets.  Stepping back across the bridge from Ft. Lauderdale Beach resulted in significant cost reduction while still providing quick (and free!) beach access.  The hotel is right on the Intercoastal waterway, so we can also enjoy the relaxing marina environment and water taxis to great shopping and dining venues.  It is truly a great location!

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